YL logoPlant spirit medicine is something I have been passionate about for about 20 years.  I remember trying to buy Thieves when my oldest was starting her daytime (to prevent her from catching colds) and it was so rare to find it that I had to meet strange women in parking lots just to score 5 mL 🙂

Now the knowledge is so widespread, and families everywhere are learning how these beautiful plant oils can help us to find balance, resolve health issues, and break through emotional barriers.

If you feel called to incorporating aromatherapy into your self care practice, I invite you to register your very own wholesale account to enjoy home delivery of hundreds of single oils and beautiful blends.  Essential oils are my #1 go to when my daughter has a headache, if I am stressed, or if a client has experienced trauma.

To register, please visit my Young Living website at:


Shop for oils, or better yet, register for your own wholesale account by clicking “sign up here”.

Take my hand and I will walk you through the process of assembling the perfect plant spirit medicine cabinet for you and your family.




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