Waymatea has an incredible gift to connect with her audience at a soul level, energize her audience, and leave her audience empowered and wanting more!  Her story and mission is changing lives…let her help change yours!

Debra Kasowski, Bestselling & Award Winning Author, GPS Your Best Life and Founder of The Millionaire Woman 





Through Waymatea Wellness Center, I no longer feel lost! I feel empowered, enlightened, uplifted, strongly feminine, and found.

Waymatea is a woman who has been put on this earth to help people heal, she is kind, beautiful, honest, REAL, understanding, non-judgemental, genuine, Loving, soft and fierce all at the same time, she lives as she teaches, just her smile as she greets me at the door makes everything seem lighter, I feel I now have a space that is mine where I am free to express myself, I have learned to accept myself (the good, bad and the ugly) I look more at the blessings in my life, and find that although things are not perfect I am who I am, and that is who I am supposed to be.

Waymatea has given me back ME, and has taught me that I am worth it and I am enough, that is something that was a foreign concept to me before meeting her!


Luanna Moore, Women’s Wisdom Circle participant






Huge thanks to Waymatea for providing the tools I needed to overhaul my approach to nourishment and health.  Not only did she share ideas and her experiences that served as a catalyst, her encouragement and genuine happiness in my success along the way was truly motivating.  I am experiencing a new confidence and enthusiasm in all areas of my life! 

Linda PhotoLinda Mix-Kondratski, BSc, MSc, Gold Status Professional Skating Coach and Mentor




This class was brilliant.  It’s so open and connected with everyone else.  It almost feels like a home.  Nice and welcome to all.  Definitely going to suggest this to others!

Participant, Remember Your Wisdom for Teens (Girls)

 It’s very opening.  Everything stays in this circle.  Nobody gets to judge you.  It’s very relaxing and we have an amazing relaxing moment.  You get to let everything, all that stress, everything out.

Participant, Remember Your Wisdom for Teens (Girls)

I was in Ms Ellis’ class in grade 5 and 6.  Her class always felt very welcoming and I felt encouraged to contribute to class discussions about all sorts of topics including being different. It was in her class that I learned that I don’t have to be just like everyone else and to be happy with and proud of who I am as an individual. I look forward to seeing her presentation because she is so easy to communicate with no matter how shy you are and she makes talking about these topics a lot easier than most people.         

  Shaun Boutin, former student

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