The Brave and Beautiful Program

a 13 month online program to help courageous women transform their biggest baggage into their most beautiful blessings.

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Discover  how your  past  holds your greatest strength and learn how to embrace it so you can celebrate your story rather than trying to get over it.

Now taking registrations for individual study only. 

Calls will be scheduled on a monthly basis with Waymatea. 

Brave and Beautiful Individual Study
Brave and Beautiful Individual Study
The Brave and Beautiful Program, Individual Study, is for anyone (not just women) who would like to take part in the Brave and Beautiful program material, complete with all recordings, video, and book list, and have ten (10) individual 1 on 1 appointments with Waymatea throughout the program. There is no group element to this option. If you feel you would be a good candidate for this option, please contact Waymatea at 780-902-4246 with any further questions, or simply purchase your program here, and receive the program in your inbox. Please be sure of your investment, as there are no refunds, credit only.
Price: $999.00

Here’s a little video introduction – and some fun bloopers at the end:)


I am so grateful for the Brave and Beautiful Program for offering me a safe place to explore the wounds of my heart, to be vulnerable and to recognize and heal the patterns in my life.  

– Holly


Over the past 14 years I have met many women who have worked to cultivate a life of inner peace and juicy aliveness (myself included) who did not plan on dragging their ugly past around forever.

They sit with me hopeless and in a state of despair (that they never show anyone) and say things like…

“It’s like I have a tattoo on my forehead – easy target.  I have been abused all of my life by different people and it feels like I just attract it somehow. What’s wrong with me?”

“I feel tainted, dirty, ruined.  And I feel like everyone can see it – and they all agree that it’s true.”

“My mother didn’t like how I expressed myself.  She wanted me to toughen up, but I always felt that I was too sensitive.  I didn’t know how to stop things from hurting so badly in my heart.”

“My life is tough.  I see people enjoying their nice houses and loving spouses – and I know I want that, but I just don’t know how.  I question my worthiness.  My life has always seemed harder than others… and I’m scared that will never change.”

I have struggled with my weight since I was a child.  I don’t know how it got this out of control, but somewhere along the way I just gave up.  Now I just feel lost in it.”

“My teachers, other kids, even my parents – nobody knew me.  I led a completely secret life and it’s like nobody cared enough to check in with me. It still feels like that. But nobody knows. I feel invisible.”

“Kids can be cruel.  When I was in school, I was bullied so badly.  I felt unwanted, unloved… and the very worst feeling was sometimes I felt invisible. I still feel that way today.”

What they suspect is that there is some unhealed thing in their past holding them back.

So many of us want to be free of our history, leave the pain and shame behind, because of how it keeps killing our ability to live an expanded and amazing life.  Again and again I’ve heard words like, “if only I didn’t have such a heavy past, I would have such a beautiful life.”

And I often say to them, “Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and make all of your baggage vanish. What would be possible in your life then? What would be freed up?” And they tell me the most beautiful things

Maybe you can relate…

“I’d be able to be myself in relationships so that I could tell my partner the truth about how I feel and not feel like I’m constantly walking around holding my breath, walking on eggshells and trying to make them happy.”

“I would feel at home in my body, so that I could feel comfortable with my sexuality, and not shy away from my softer, more tender side because it makes me seem weak.”

“I would laugh more and be free to genuinely enjoy others’ company, and they would enjoy me too – especially the crazy, loud, wild side of me!”

I could create a better legacy for my kids so that when they are older, they know the difference between living a joyful life and living just to survive, and hopefully they pass that standard of living on to their children.”

“I would take bigger risks, like traveling, meeting new people, pursuing a new job, so that I could be satisfied at the end of my life, knowing I didn’t hold back or waste the life I was given.”

“I would follow my dreams, so I could truly contribute to this world, and make it a better place for others, instead of staying stuck in my own personal misery and making others miserable around me.”

“I would love myself and others more, so I could experience the deeper connection that comes from letting down your walls and letting others see you for who you are.”

“I would cry instead of holding it in, so I could express my joy and my pain, and finally feel that I could just be myself and there is nothing wrong with how deeply I feel things.”

“I would be more compassionate and more vulnerable so I could help others in similar situations to my own, letting others know that even though where they are is painful, that they, too, can live a better life.”

“I have a vision of myself standing in my power, so nobody could mess with me, nobody could ever own me again, and nobody could tell me that I am any less worthy, less valued, less beautiful than I am.”

It was to help women step into these visions of what might be possible for them that I created the Brave and Beautiful program.

The Brave and Beautiful program is based on one big, important, and profound idea that changed my life forever . . .

You don’t need to let go of your baggage from the past because your most painful experiences are actually the ticket to your awakening.

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You can have a powerful meaningful life even if you haven’t let go of your past.

Like you,  I have searched for ways to heal my past.  No matter what life has thrown at me, I have always seen myself in a better life.

Thank you for seeing me when I could not. You believed in me and so gently, shared a way to a much better place. What seemed lost was right there.You taught me to reach deep into my bag and find those … things that caused so much pain and suffering, to see the beauty in it all.  To see me.  This Fierce Brave Courageous Strong Woman. 
-Monique Krushelniski

Here is a provocative idea I’d like to offer you: Your life story has profound value.

That might seem obvious, but when I was looking for help in creating the better life I saw for myself, I encountered so many workshops, books, and programs that left me feeling more weight and shame after participating. Those programs may have been a fit for others, but my experience left me craving a soft, safe, loving place to surrender to my story.  I did not resonate with the idea that I should just ‘get over my story’, nor did I feel like I could be my true authentic self by pretending none of it ever happened.

I have come to believe that your story contains the very gifts that are designed to take you into the next, more brave and beautiful phase of your life.

You will feel the most found, warm, compassionate, powerful, alive – by embracing your past. You are a beautiful person, not in spite of your traumas, but because of them.  Welcome to the mystical irony.

I don’t believe the majority of us can find a deep sense of peace, happiness, joy and self-love when we deny our own journey; rather, we need to reflect on it in the right way. We don’t only need hindsight but kindsight.

Brave and Beautiful isn’t about forgetting your past – it’s about completely integrating it into your present.  It’s about knowing that there is actually nothing wrong or faulty about you – that you are perfect – quirks, faults, strengths, scars and all.

Every experience you have lived can serve to initiate you into a deep, meaningful, purposeful and valuable life experience.

What do I mean by this? Two analogies.

Analogy #1: The Heavy Sack

girl with suitcase

Imagine feeling lost, alone and deeply depleted with little to your name but a heavy, old sack.  

You carry around the sack for years, homeless and hungry.  Weary from the heaviness and the cumbersome burden, you one day set it down, open it, and find within it seeds to plant a rich garden, tools to tend to your garden, containers to prepare the fruits of your garden.

Also within that sack are tools for your essential survival – such as matches, water, a tent, and a map.  Dig deeply enough, and you might even uncover a journal or some ancient information about the very best places to plant your seeds or set up your tent.

All this had been on your back, weighing you down, slowing your pace, all along.


Analogy #2: The Overgrown Field


overgrown meadow

Or perhaps you are standing in the middle of a tangled overgrown field.  

You find it difficult to find value in this land and your instinct is to mow it all down, dig it up, and plant some perfect, green grass.

But when you look – really get down and spread the overgrowth apart with your hands, you begin to see medicinal and edible weeds.

The pretty blue flowers are chicory, containing inulin to combat cholesterol.

The red clover can be harvested to help symptoms of menopause.

That wide-reaching throng of dandelions?  Who knew they were sources of vitamins, iron and zinc?

And for gout, arthritis or eczema, carefully select some stinging nettle.

All of these medicines and more are right under your feet, in the guise of a useless, overgrown piece of land.

How does this look in real life?    

Real Life Case Study #1: Lori

Lori, a single mother of a teenage son, was finally taking some time to find her own authentic joy.

When she came to me, she shared honestly about her weedy, overgrown, overwhelming inner world. Exploring her truth about growing up in an abusive, traumatizing environment, (surveying the tangled land), I asked her to kneel down in the weeds and look for the medicine.  She was moved to tears as she realised the son she had raised was respectful, loving and a strong provider – because she had the ability to raise him differently than her own parents had raised her.

The approach she had to parenting him was initiated by the negative experiences she had as a child and a decision that she would not make those same mistakes with her child.  Another discovery underneath all of those weeds was Lori’s ability to encourage women who had similar experiences to hers.   She also found seeds of hope and promise, as we talked about a possible path of counseling, or mentoring women who suffered as a result of a traumatic childhood.

Real Life Case Study #2: Marie

Another example is Marie, who grew up hearing that she was too sensitive, and that she should stop crying about everything and just suck it up.

She recalled an incident with her brother, when he pushed her out of the tree house, and with skinned knees and a hurt heart, she cried to her parents.  Their response was typical: “If you’re not bleeding from the ears, don’t come and talk to us.”  Not feeling heard or cared for was a burden Marie didn’t even feel permitted to acknowledge, let alone complain about (the heavy bag).

But when she sat down and opened it up, she realised the gift inside was that she was aware of when someone is not being heard or witnessed.  As an adult, it was natural for her to have a more compassionate ear and heart to those who do not appear to have a voice.  Where others point fingers and blame the victim, Marie’s experience motivated her to cultivate an understanding of the underdog.  She found that her ability to point out injustice and help those with less power and privilege was one of her greatest attributes.

Need some more examples?

Consider some more gifts that grew out of the following burdens:

  • The sickly child who grows up to build a special hospital wing dedicated to lift the spirits of sick children and their families.
  • A little boy tragically loses his parents and later creates a holistic program focused on healing from traumatic childhood loss.
  • The child who is bullied and shunned in grade school who chooses a career in motivational and inspirational speaking, specialising in bullying and violence.
  • A medical doctor who completely burns out from the stresses and demands of his work takes a decade to heal himself, becomes a life coach, creates more balance and then realizes he wants to and is incredibly qualified to work with other MD’s on the verge of burning out.
  • A spiritual counselor who was unable to bring needed healing into her family realizes she feels drawn to help others who have tried without any success for years to bring healing to their families to move on and let go.

We can use our experiences to offer value, light and love to the world.  We can do all of this without setting down our pain and pretending it doesn’t exist.  We just need to know how.

woman sitting on suitcase

That’s why I created Brave and Beautiful:  A program to help men and women see how their path has revealed their strength, to witness the sacredness of their story, and to find a deep sense of ownership of their unique gifts.

Through Waymatea Wellness Center, I no longer feel lost! I feel empowered, enlightened, uplifted, strongly feminine, and found.

– Luanna Moore

This program has been such a blessing to me. I’ve struggled with PTSD and anxiety for my entire life. I felt like I *should* have been a mindfulness expert because of all the therapy, practice, & books I’d already devoured in my quest for healing, but could never quite get there. The way this program was designed has really made something *click* inside me. I feel a huge shift. My anxiety levels are way down, and my relationships with friends and family have been thriving. Sister Way has been so inspirational on my journey, and I feel so grateful to have her support and guidance through this program.

-Mae Schmitt


A Bit About My Story…

My name is Waymatea Ellis.

I was born in 1973 in Edmonton.



That’s me – playing reggae bass and singing my stories.  However, as I prepare to describe my journey without the comfort and protection of song, I can hear some old voices coming up in my head.  “Stop whining – you didn’t have it so bad,” and “Why do you need to focus on the past – everyone has a story, just let it go and move on.”  My favourite, “Stop telling people all of your business,” stops me nearly every time.Pipes

Until now.

Because for me to offer a program that affords you the opportunity to embrace your traumatic past, I have to be down here on the ground, kneeling and pulling away the overgrowth, right next to you.  So I turn down those inner voices, call upon my courage, and I will share.

My first experience of sexual trauma was when I was 8 years old, by a family acquaintance.  From age 8 to 18 I was continuously molested and then traumatised on several occasions by a handful of people, ranging from family friends to high school classmates to strangers.  I always wondered what my family would have thought of me, as I lived in what seemed like a separate world, but I never breathed a word of it to anyone.  To the outside world, I played classical piano, figure skated, won speech contests and laughed in the playground.

Many people are shocked to learn that a child so young, with talent, exuberance, confidence, many friends, and being raised by loving parents, could keep such a secret.

But that’s what happened.

So when I became severely depressed as a teenager, attempting suicide at 14 and shutting down my world to just a very few close friends, my world went very deep and dark.  I was diagnosed with clinical depression.

I carried that burden for many years – even while at university, throughout my career as a professional musician, a teacher, and later as a mother.  As I carried it, life kept adding to the weight of the sack.  Loss, grief, trauma, betrayal… all of life seemed to increasingly weigh down that pack I was carrying.

But the most brutal part wasn’t just what I had gone through – it was the support I got. Almost all of the books to which I went for help and guidance said to ‘be positive’ or ‘just look on the bright side’ and ‘be happy’.  So I spent many years meditating, vision boarding, dreaming my way into a more positive existence.  I wrote 3 albums with that message.  I taught 13 years of school with that outlook.

But that pack… was heavy. The weight never went away. I just got used to it.

Those weeds became so overgrown that my feet became tangled.  So it was only a matter of time before I became paralysed with the weight and the treacherous path tripped me up.

There came a time I felt so beaten; it was like the floodgates of loss and pain took over my life.   My marriage was failing.  Money was scarce.  I had been betrayed so deeply I felt my heart was no longer whole.  I miscarried two babies.  Then my newborn became very sick and while I held her in the NICU, I witnessed another baby stop breathing and die.  My feeling of control in the world was gone… and I became unable to move forward, or even turn my head to look for another path.

My burden finally overcame my strength.

I felt my body lie down in the weeds, and I closed my eyes and willed the weeds to grow over my body.  I had nothing left to give.

Then, like a ray of light, one by one, people came into my life to lift me, witness me, hold me in healing, breathe life back into me, and reveal to me my gifts. They opened my bag, because I was too weak. They pulled out the overgrowth, put the medicine to my lips.

My initiation had been a relentless beating, and all that was left to do was receive care.   And to witness the truth of my gifts.

woman with seeds

The Gifts I Received From My Journey:

Burden:  Men and Betrayal

Gift:  Compassion for abused women.

Men betraying my trust was the gift of my compassion for abused women.  Because of my experiences, I can authentically hold sacred space for women who have been through unthinkable events, without judgement.  Also, because I intimately knew many of the men who betrayed me, I also have compassion for those we would label “abusers” because I know that they have their own life experience that has led them to their dysfunctional behavior.  I have grown to know that there are no winners in the victim/persecutor/rescuer triangle, and this helps me when I work with women to resolve their inner conflict.  Our heart responds to this non-judgemental perspective, and we can often feel into the compassion for our partner, changing our approach and reaction to dysfunctional behavior.

Setting boundaries has been a big part of this gift.  As a child, I wasn’t aware that I could set boundaries.  Becoming aware of where my lacking boundaries are, and growing into a confident boundary setter has been a great part of my healing, and I pass this gift on to children, youth, and women who are also not aware of their permission to do so.

Burden:  Tragic Car Accident

Gift: An Opening to Alternative Healing

Experiencing the injuries of my best friend when he was permanently harmed from a brain injury, and being with him as he fought for his life, opened my world to alternative healing.  His year in the hospital was my boot camp for healing with energy, speaking with Spirit, finding out-of-the-box answers that medical professionals could not see.

As one example, as he gained awareness, nobody knew if he had any recollection of language or any ability to communicate after he woke from his coma.  I tried reading to him, using sign language, and finally out of exasperation put a pencil in his hand and the first thing he wrote was “I love you.”

It baffled me that nobody had thought of that, and it gave me a sense of the importance of my own voice in the face of an often intimidating medical community.

Burden:  Violent Teacher

Gift:  An Awareness of The Responsibility of Power

Being grabbed by the scruff of the neck and slammed against a set of lockers by my elementary school teacher was traumatizing to me, and yet when I taught school years later, I was very aware and careful with the power of my influence on the psychological well being of children entrusted to my care.  I approached each one with love, and taught from the heart.  I knew their experience with me would live with some of them for a lifetime, and so I took the time to connect with them, see them as beautiful beings, no matter what their behavior betrayed.  This gift continues to pay forward, as I see my former students (yes on Facebook) approaching life with compassion, understanding, and a sense of responsibility for their word.  Over the years, many have thanked me for the shift in their former perspective of judgment and blame.


I don’t know if I could have made it through the last year of my life without this program.  I have had trauma and rough times throughout my whole life but never all in a series of events that seemed never ending.   I am so much more of the person I want to be than I ever was.  Waymatea has been a dear friend for years, and she can transform you and your outlook in life. 

 It is amazing to release the burdens that weigh you down.  Everyone has room for improvement in life.  This course is the answer. 

-Angela Smart

Finding Your Own Blessings: Putting These Ideas Into Practice

So, how do you get there?

How do you uncover the gifts in your story, and live them fully?  How do you stop hating yourself?  How can you find peace when those who have hurt you were bad and wrong?

Your life may look like a field of weeds to you – how can you see the medicine?  Your bag is probably unpackable or full of garbage – and besides you don’t have anyone to help you open it and show you how to use your tools, plant your garden, or set up your tent.

This is the secret: you can’t do it on your own.

If you could have, you would have.

You need help.

I have experienced my healing only through experiences of been fully witnessed, accepted, loved and SEEN.  My inner shame and self loathing was a beast that could only be tamed when we looked inside and saw it was just … me.  My most beautiful, vulnerable self had wrapped herself in a vicious monstrous “Shame” that, when peeled away, was as beautiful and innocent as the day she was born.  And once I saw her, I loved her.

And once I loved her, my heart opened and I felt a joy in my being that was bigger and more real than any assailant.  Any rapist.  Any abuser.  Any trauma.  My joy and love was simply bigger.

Why I Call This Program Brave and Beautiful:

I use the word Brave because it takes an enormous amount of courage to face our shadows.  

The past that has hurt us, those who have betrayed us – it is safer to keep it all in a category called “bad”.  It is a special act of bravery to open the conversation that may challenge our idea of ‘right and wrong’, and allow heart-felt forgiveness and self compassion.  When I think of the word brave, I have an image of a woman standing firm in the face of their demons, staff in hand, feet firmly planted and eyes blazing.

I use the word Beautiful because there is unspeakable radiance in a woman who has fully witnessed her gifts, her scars, her own truth.  

This beautiful being emanates light and strength, and every move she makes feels compassionate, generous, almost regal.  Everyone wants to sit at her fire and hear her wisdom.  Everyone feels better after having visited with her.  She brings out the best in every heart she touches – and the world is brighter because of her.  She is the very epitome of beauty.

matt kahn quote

The Three Steps of The Brave and Beautiful Program:

Before you dive into the work, there’s something important you will be asked to do – to create space in your life. The most important self care most people can do is not to do more, but rather to do less in general.

Our lives are so full.  We are constantly working, commuting, transporting others, attending meetings, connecting via texts, responding to emails, updating our status and engaging such that we are absent from our bodies.  Add to that spending quality time with loved ones (if we’re lucky), preparing meals and keeping up with the laundry – it becomes obvious that we do not have the space to explore our hearts, let alone work on ourselves.  We build a beautiful mask of “all is well here”, and we get so that we believe our own mask.  We tell ourselves that we are not affected by our painful pasts.  Indeed, if we were to crack open that conversation about past traumas, we probably wouldn’t be able to handle the energy and attention it would require to work through it.  Actually, we might drown.  It might consume us.

So what is required so we can have the energy, strength and space around us to start this process?  To create space, you will be asked to examine your surroundings, both physical and energetic, and start a gentle releasing of what is crowding you. Right at the beginning of this program, you will be removing clutter, donating gently used items, clearing things away.  You will examine your obligations and commitments and see where you can create space in your calendar.

You will explore your emotional state when you examine something that you have been keeping around – and releasing what doesn’t feel good to you.  We will explore ways to clear spiritual debris from your living space, and we will explore ways of creating space in your mind and heart.

You will be asked to make some hard decisions here that you know in your heart you’ve been needing to make for a while.

The truth is, creating space and opening up that conversation requires bravery that you may not believe you have.  The risk of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions is real.  And what you will have after this step will be room to collapse, to surrender to the emotions that are living in your body anyway. Without first creating the space, none of the steps that follow will work.

Step 1:  The Sacred Telling of Your Story – Uncovering and Reframing Your Past

In this important step of Brave and Beautiful, you will participate in a sacred telling of your stories.  You will open your baggage.  You will take an honest survey of the tangled land.  The whole truth – all of your shames, disappointments, times you were mistreated – all of it.  You will tell your story in a way that feels like a complete cleaning of your closet – leaving nothing behind.  If you have difficulty remembering everything (some of us, myself included, have a sketchy memory when it comes to past traumas), you will just document what you do remember – even drawing on what others have told you happened. This is a critical step to the witnessing of your journey and the healing of your spirit.  Having the bravery to tell 100% of your story will give you the permission to see the beauty in it later on.

You may be thinking – I’ve told my story before.  That is ok.  This may be the first time you experience being fully witnessed when you tell it.  And this will be the last time you tell this story with your current lens or perspective.  You have the strength to rise to this challenge, and you will be supported as you do so.

This step is the heart of the program – where you begin to see your story in a whole new light.  Just like a field of dandelions is a poorly kept lawn to some, others will harvest the flower, leaf and root for diabetes, diarrhea, boils and more.  Reframing your past means looking at your story with a lens trained for the gifts – for the medicine.  You will be led through a process to begin to see the way that each experience has revealed your true offering to the world.  For example, my experience of growing up “between worlds” as a bi-racial child in an all-white town in the 70’s, I experienced racism directed at me and my family.  I also had dear friends who were white.  Because of this experience, I have compassion for both the black and the white experience in our communities.  This is a unique perspective, and I believe this gift helps me to help others who cannot see the other side of the story.

It is time for us to stop the silence of our traumas.  Whether small traumas such as a stranger scaring us as a child, to large traumas such as domestic abuse, we are collectively stronger when we lift up our voices.  If the only thing that comes from you doing this program is that your silence is broken, that is a major shift that will inspire those around you.  I truly believe that this work is desperately needed in our world, and your courage to participate can be the light that others are seeking.

Reframing the past requires courage because it challenges us to step out of the victim role and to have compassion for our enemies.  It forces us to see the world not in black and white, not in clear cut right versus wrong.  Many of my clients find this to be a very difficult and also very rewarding process.  And once we own the gift in our story, our true beauty has a chance to shine.

Through this section of the program you will:

  • be supported in taking off your mask and loving your truth so you can show up in the world as yourself, not worried about keeping up appearances.
  • have access to the encouragement you need to move through the process, so that when you become stuck, or feel unsure about your next steps, you have resources to help you continue to experience these sometimes difficult and emotional tasks.
  • have the sacredness of your life story witnessed and reflected back to you, so you can see how beautiful it is.
  • be encouraged to expand your understanding of what might be blocking you from seeing your own divine gifts.  Experience a heartfelt understanding of why you haven’t been able to see your blessings in your biggest burdens.
  • experience increased confidence in telling the truth and your own story, without shame or the worry that you are whining.  Learning to tell your story with an authentic cadence, neither belittling the experience nor overdramatizing it.
  • you will have an increased sense of the Divine feminine power – that soft, flowing, strong, vulnerable, powerful, nurturing, multi-faceted woman you are – a beautiful mystery.  With each passing module, you’ll feel yourself softening, receiving, letting down your armour, setting down the sword, and trusting your intuition.  Flowing like water may feel like weakness, but consider the Grand Canyon and ask yourself if you question the power of the flow.
  • receive additional individual attention and mentorship, feedback and guidance during optional one-on-one sessions with Waymatea.

Rumi Quote

Step 2:  Loving You, Loving Your Gifts.

This is where your bravery pays off, and your beauty begins to glow brightly from within.  As you reframed your story in Step 1, there was an underlying factor waiting to be uncovered.  This factor is you!  Your unique, beautiful self.  You have your own long list of qualities, and in this step of the Brave and Beautiful program we uncover what those qualities are.  Much like the soil that supports the dandelions, your natural gifts are where everything takes root.

Often it is hard to see our own gifts so to kickstart this step, we call on a little help from your friends.  This step will involve asking people in your world to provide you with a list of your strengths and unique attributes.  What do they love about you, what do they see as your natural gifts.  You will be amazed at what people see in you – that you wouldn’t have known had you not asked. Then we continue through the process by finding examples in your life of these attributes.  As you gain confidence and overcome any aversion to “bragging”, we add to this list until we have a beautiful, colourful and expansive list of the gifts you bring to the world.  We then finish this step writing an acknowledgement of gratitude to ourselves for showing up in the world in this way.

When you can love you, and acknowledge and celebrate your story – then the magic happens.  Suddenly you walk a bit taller, glow a bit brighter, and those around you will comment on changes in the tone of your voice, the tilt of your smile, the spring in your step.  This is you – reborn – and we will welcome and celebrate you.butterfly quote

Through this section of the program, you will:

  • be guided to slowly open into your naturally glowing, worthy, loving, powerful, compassionate self, using hands-on tools to document your process.
  • find a deep sense of ownership of your unique gifts so you can be aware of them and give of them more fully in your life at work, at home, and within yourself.
  • be guided through sacred exercises to help mend and strengthen your spirit by someone who truly understands the courage it takes to embrace your greatest strengths and gifts.
  • gather your own personal toolbox of methods and techniques that will empower you to see the gift in your story, as you are living it.
  • receive additional individual attention and mentorship, feedback and guidance during optional one-on-one sessions with Waymatea
  • define and refine your own personal regime of self-reflection and empowerment practices that will change the way you feel about your day-to-day experiences.

Step 3:  Spreading Your Gift

As with any change, those around you may feel uncomfortable at first because they are used to the way things were.  It is not easy for those around us to learn new steps to a dance we have known for years.  When I started on my path, some people around me would pick fights, withdraw, or criticise what I was doing.  Therefore, an important aspect of this step will be to usher your new, bright, alive self gently into your real, daily life where others have not changed.  You will learn tools to ‘solidify’ your new medicine, so that it will weather the storm that your life and those in it may bring.

One last, but crucial, aspect of the Brave and Beautiful program is to allow others to be as they are, while you cultivate your new medicine.  So many programs miss this teaching.  When we get onto a path that feels good to us, we tend to want to sway everyone we meet to our path.  This can be at least annoying and at most very harmful because some critical pieces of the teaching can get lost, and the recipient can feel totally unseen and their story dismissed. As you lead by your new, radiant, loving example, we will discuss tools for holding a conversation as a witness to someone’s story, while resisting the impulse to have a solution for a better outcome.

What will be certain is that those around you will be inspired by the candour with which you tell your story, and your very presence will become a healing for those around you.  Your beauty will light up the world;  your life – and your story – will be an inspiration.

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Through this section of the program, you will:

  • come to see how your path has revealed your strength so that when you tell your story, you can be an example to others who have experienced similar hardships, and actually have a sense of confidence and purpose in your life.
  • have an improved sense of purpose and clearer intentions, so you can easily decipher between necessary activities and wasteful to-do list fillers.
  • experience an improved capacity to follow through on your intentions and goals.  Your friends will wonder where you are getting all this extra energy and enthusiasm for life. Imagine not falling into old patterns of self sabotage and defeat.
  • have increased confidence when taking part in group activities and working with others, so you feel more engaged, on fire for life, and have a sense of joy in your everyday life.  Imagine feeling a smile in your soul while doing the laundry.  Yep, it can be that good!
  • enjoy the capacity to build bigger dreams for yourself, interrupting your current self-limiting perspective and seeing all possibilities for yourself, no matter what anyone has said in the past.
  • create a plan for putting your gifts into action.  No more tossing the dice for your life’s path – you will know very clearly where you want to go, and what you want to experience within as you go there.
  • receive individual attention and mentorship, feedback and guidance during optional one-on-one sessions with Waymatea.

The duration of the Brave and Beautiful program is 13 months, from June 2017-July 2018.  At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion, and you will also have the option to register for the graduation retreat.

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I almost didn’t take this program.  What almost held me back was … fear … These fears can have a paralyzing effect and they had limited some parts of my life.   

The Brave and Beautiful program helped me recognize these fears and gave me tools to deal with them.   Slowly, one step at a time, I began to feel free
Now I am happier, more confident and more outgoing.  I am laughing and having fun more and I am enjoying creativity again.  I now have tools to deal with situations that would have created panic and fears before. 
Thank you soooo much for this amazing program!!

What will this cost?

What You Get For Your Money with this Virtual Program:

  • Thirteen 60 minute calls with Way : Each month, you’ll get to make yourself a cup of tea, sit down and have time for just you to take the next step in your sacred journey. And if you miss a call? Don’t worry, you’ll get the recording to listen to whenever it fits into your schedule.
  • Thirteen reading assignments: Each month there will be a book or reading assignment, carefully chosen to help deepen your experience with the program. I recommend purchasing all of the books from the reading list so that you are able to flow easily from one month to the next.
  • Thirteen video recordings: Each month you will receive a simple mindfulness practice that you will receive in video format, to help you deepen your participation along your journey.
  • Thirteen responses to your written reflections: At the end of each month, you will submit a paper describing your month, any breakthroughs or gratitudes you may have.  These will not be marked for spelling, grammar, or for that matter they won’t be marked at all.  They will simply be a signpost of where you are in the moment.  You will receive feedback and support from me, simply witnessing where you are, no judgement.  This will help you to soften around your story, lifting up your authentic voice in a beautiful way.
  • Twelve audio meditations: You will receive an mp3 recording of a guided meditation every month.  This meditation will be reflective of that month’s content, and will help keep you on the path when it gets challenging.  You can put it right on your phone or iPod and take the support and encouragement wherever you go.

What Makes This Program Unique:

  1. Thirteen Months: Many online programs run 4-6 weeks. This program is different. It will enable you to thoroughly unpack your heavy sack, and give you time to explore the wisdom you have been carrying around for years.

Additional reasons I chose thirteen:

  • I wanted to acknowledge the 13 moon natural calendar.  For every one time we go around the sun, the moon circles us 13 times, and women are in the flow of those 13 cycles
  • In numerology, 13 is the number of upheaval, so that we can break new ground gracefully – and make some big changes in our lives.
  • My ministry with the Center for Sacred Studies and the time I have spent with the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers is another reason I have grown to deeply cherish the number 13.

2.  Celebrating Your Story (vs. Trying to Get Over It): The idea of embracing your trauma rather than ‘manifesting it away’ feels really important.  It is time for you to own your story.  Not ‘own’ in the sense that you were really really bad in a past life so therefore you must live with the consequences.  Rather, ‘own’ that you are amazing and strong and that you have come through your journey with scars that are badges of honour, and that we can celebrate who you are – as you are.

3.  You will not be interrupted.  When I sit with a client and she has an emotional release like weeping, I hold space for her but do not interrupt her release.  The same guideline will be present in all of our interactions in this program.  You will be allowed your release without interruption.  You will have a place to collapse into the full grief, sorrow, shame and guilt of your experiences.  Often only when the release is completed (and only you will know when that is) will you be able to witness your own gifts.

4.  A Sacred Sisterhood:   I am excited to provide my clients with the sacred kinship many of us crave. Our lives are so independent and disconnected, and we are often so lonely without knowing it.  The connection and bond we will cultivate together will fill our hearts. This can only spill over into our lives as mothers, fathers, partners, friends, daughters and sons.


Three Reasons to Sign Up Now:

  1. You know deeply that this is your time for finally healing.
  2. You get to spend the next 13 months being held in a sacred way, as you unpack your bags and find your gifts.
  3. You have felt lost, without support, for too long, and are ready to receive one on one care.



What is the refund policy?

  • No refunds – Credit only.  Please be sure of your investment, as there are no refunds.


Brave and Beautiful is for women who are:

  • struggling with trauma, and more than anything is craving their sacred power, worthiness, and a deep knowing of peace.
  • willing and excited to make a firm commitment to the entire 13 month program including purchasing the reading list in advance ($260 approx), 8 hours for reading each month, and 8 hours per month for working on daily practices and assignments.

Brave and Beautiful could also be a perfect match for someone who…

  • is drawn to ideas of universal love among all peoples
  • loves to read books by Miguel Ruiz, Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Stephen Jenkinson,or Gloria Karpinski, and might have enjoyed documentaries by Ram Dass, mantras by Louise Hay, or participated in meditations with Deepak Chopra
  • feels a deep sense of craving for family – or deeply desires feeling connected to their ancestors, having a strong desire to know how things used to be done in their family line
  • is comfortable or open to processes like sacred ceremony, connecting with Spirit and cross cultural Indigenous practices
  • feels lost, living without meaning, not belonging anywhere
  • feels like a fog has taken over their body, their heart feels numb and frozen, and their spirit feels broken
  • never wants to hear that they should just “get over it”, that they are “too sensitive”, or that people are “tired of hearing their story”.
  • craves for more than an intellectual exercise in thinking about their life
  • is willing to fully engage and participate in their own healing and open to a new possibility of joy and love

Brave and Beautiful is not for a person who:

    • isn’t willing to look at the pain they have experienced, or wants to gloss over their negative experiences with positive affirmations or ‘positive thinking’
    • is unable to look outside a traditional religious framework for answers to big life questions
    • is facing major life changes (moving, divorce, illness) in such a way that they are not able to fully commit to and engage in the program
    • is looking for a quick fix to feel better about their past
    • is not willing to shed the ideas of clear cut right and wrong
    • feels that they are already fixed and they don’t need help
    • is dealing with a mental illness that they are not receiving professional psychological support for (for example, a person struggling with severe PTSD or Bipolar disorder may require professional support guidance as they move through this program)

Register today:

Brave and Beautiful Individual Study
Brave and Beautiful Individual Study
The Brave and Beautiful Program, Individual Study, is for anyone (not just women) who would like to take part in the Brave and Beautiful program material, complete with all recordings, video, and book list, and have ten (10) individual 1 on 1 appointments with Waymatea throughout the program. There is no group element to this option. If you feel you would be a good candidate for this option, please contact Waymatea at 780-902-4246 with any further questions, or simply purchase your program here, and receive the program in your inbox. Please be sure of your investment, as there are no refunds, credit only.
Price: $999.00



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